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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally - Some Progress!!!!

Hot's July in Texas.

Time to get motivated for anything that keeps you in air conditioned 

So, that means time to stop procrastinating on starting the scenery.

A couple of months ago, in an unusual spurt of energy, I tried out 
the hydrocal soaked paper towels over screen on a curve leaving 
Willow Tree.   I was very displeased with the result.   So this time 
I'm trying Sculptamold  (a cellulose based modeling compound similar 
to papier mache)

I spent an hour in the big box home improvement store trying to 
choose a brown latex paint color that i thought would be a good base 
for the soil in the area I'm modeling.  You can mix watered down paint 
with the Scuptamold to avoid white areas, should the top layer get 

Here is the test area before sculptamold (the white area on the curve 
is the plaster-soaked towel experiment):

I added very little support under the screen, so it took 4 separate 
applications over a 1 week period, letting each one set for a couple 
of days to build up strength.  

The results were much more acceptable.  A little on the coarse side, 
but a little sanding should smooth everything out.  My choice of 
brown for earth color ended up being a little lighter than I was 
hoping....but I guess it's better to be too light than too dark.  
Painting during later scenery stages can darken it up.

The brown doesn't really photograph too well....
but here are the results:

Guess I better stock up on the Sculptamold...
summer has a long way to go!


  1. Welcome back Lance,
    The big freeze is over. I have used a bag of brown oxide to colour my plaster, has lasted over twenty odd years.
    Looking forward to when the grass starts growing

  2. Good to see u back Lance. Thought you 'musta gawn walkabout fella'! Looking forward to some Oz scenery.

  3. Lance

    Go boy go!!!

    Good to see that you have posted again, I was starting to worry.

    I like the gentle and dips rises in the scenery, it can be hard to match nature but you have got it.

    Now for the find some dry yellowish grey grass and olive green foliage.

    It does exist, I will update my scenery brand and colours list and send it to you.

    Ray P