How my railroad interests moved from the Pacific Northwest to Southern New South Wales .....with a stop over in Southern California

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Arrivals

I was roused from a cold medicine induced daze this afternoon by the doorbell (and the dogs).  It was mail delivery lady with a parcel bearing an Australian postal label.   A long ago ordered and greatly anticipated wagon order from Auscision had finally come.

12xNDFF ballast wagons and 4xCQBY container wagons.  Once again....they are outstanding models.

I spent a few hours this evening installing 60 feet more fascia to the upper level, and when I finished around 0300....decided to unpack the new arrivals for some pics:

Southern Short Haul B61 exits Ardglen Tunnel

Brake van substituting for needed ballast plow passing Ardglen crossing loop

12xNDFF placed on Ardglen quarry sidings

Someday I'll learn how to photoshop in a background like Blair...for now, we'll all just have to imagine.

With these arrivals, all the Aussie rolling stock I ordered 2 years ago, has arrived...with the exception of the Trainorama Southern Shorthaul GM22 which is apparently still a year away.

Time to start shopping again!