How my railroad interests moved from the Pacific Northwest to Southern New South Wales .....with a stop over in Southern California

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Yes.....I am still here and there has been progress on the new layout!

I am currently in the middle of a job change from management back to a union job.  The downside of which will be fewer days off, but the upside is that I will have more time every day to get things accomplished. And the under construction layout has benefited lately.

Above is the framing and lower level of the 3 level peninsula. The lower and middle levels will represent the standard gauge line from Tocumwal to Narrandera, while the upper will be the Victorian broad gauge line from Tocumwal towards Seymour.

This is the peninsula from the end where you enter the room.  The end and the 2 wings attached to it will be model display cases which will hide the turn-back loops at the end, eliminating difficult areas to scenic on what is supposedly a "flat land" railroad.  To the right can be seen the 3 levels, which from top to bottom will be Shepparton, VIC; Tocumwal and Narrandera.  To the left of the photo will be a helix connecting the middle and lower levels...and further to the left (opposite the wall with the window), will be Victoria Railways staging.

In this view, Victorian staging will be behind me, the middle to lower level helix to the left and the middle to upper level helix will be in the alcove to the right rear, along with a lower level turn-back loop below it.  

Aisles are approx. 6 - 7 feet narrowing to around 3 feet where the peninsula joins the rest of the Railroad.  

Thanks to Bob Stack for shaming me into an update...more soon.